Recent interesting bits on Haptic and more

2009 July 26, a blog about haptic, tactility and more [link]
David Birnbaum, a graduate from McGill’s IDMIL lab now working for Immersion.

The future is haptic, right? [link]

Last night I dreamt about haptic touch-screen overlays… [link]
haptic finger overlays with dielectric elastomer actuator films [ref]

Haptics: The feel-good technology of the year [link]
ComputerWorld writes about Haptics. Mainstream press is writing about it, not bad!

Physical Interactions over IP [link]
“Touch” is a project to allow two people to touch each other’s fingers over any distance across the Internet.

Human Haptic Perception, Basics and Applications, Grunwald, Martin (Ed.) ISBN: 978-3-7643-7611-6 [link]
A very nice book that I’m reading this summer. One of the best I’ve found so far for my topic. [book]

Touch me! An article on tactile experience
Nice explorations on tactile experiences from OCAD and Telus (Canadian telecom)

Musée des arts et métiers [link]
Next time I’m in Paris I have to check it out. Seriously!

Why Do We Need Doctoral Study in Design? [link]
I should read it I guess :-)

Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics Journal [link]
A nice journal I should check it more carefully. From the titles, there seems to be interesting stuff in there.

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