Paper accepted at IASDR 2009 in Seoul, Korea!

2009 August 16

My paper titled Designing for touch: creating and building meaningful haptic interfaces as been accepted to this year’s International Associaton of Societies of Design Research (IASDR) in Seoul, Korea. The feedback I got was quite good and I have only some little work to do for the camera-ready version. The conference seems interesting and the list of keynote speakers is respectable: Donald A. Norman, Kees Overbeeke (I liked his CHI’09 keynote), Elizabeth Sanders and more.

I previously submitted an application for IASDR’s Doctoral Colloquium but it was rejected. The main justification for the rejection was that “the research questions are not yet tamed and developed enough”. I tend to agree with the reviewers. I still have to refine and isolate my topic, it is still way too broad.

Anyways, one out of two is still good. I now have to plan my trip to Korea. I’ll try to combine this event with DeSForM which is happening in Taipei this year, just 3 days after IASDR. I feel it will be a great combo of events: one big research conference + a smaller workshop on more hands-on subjects.

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