TU/e lecture: Designing Haptics

2012 February 28

Here are the slides [PDF, 48 MB] from my Designing Haptics lecture with MA students in Eindhoven (TU/E) on February 27 2012. This introduction presentation was part of a week-long module titled Design for Intersubjectivity through Haptics with tutors/teachers Stoffel Kuenen (UID, Sweden) and Jelle Stienstra (TU/e, the Netherlands).

The first part of this presentation digs into the difference between sketching and prototyping, and how designers might be able to sketch with tech and haptic material. The second part explores haptics, the sense of touch, common haptic interfaces and uncover where/how designers can work with haptics. I gave this lecture form Canada over Skype and apparently the audio was choppy on their end of the atlantic. I hope it was understandable to some extent. Thanks to Stoffel for arranging this lecture, and I’m very curious to see what the students develop and build out of this module.

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