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Haptic Hardware Resources


DC motors with metal gearbox
Pololu/Sanyo micro motors
5:1 to 1000:1 gear ratio, high or low power models, 3V-12V opearation, plastic bracket/mount, D-shaped shaft (not all models)
Pololu 25D mm motors
with/without encoder, 6V operation, gear ratio 34:1, 75:1 or 172:1, high or low power models, metal bracket, 4mm D-shaped shaft with optional universal mounting plate, 25-35 USD each
Pololu 37D mm motors
with/without encoder, 12V operation (will work at 6V too), six different gear ratios 19:1 to 131:1, metal bracket, 6mm D-shaped shaft with optional universal mounting plate, 35-45 USD each
Gear Motor 17 (GM17)
A High-Efficiency (HE) 3V DC motor coupled to a 228:1 gearbox give you a very useful low-power gearmotor, plastic D-shaped shaft ,optional metal bracket, optional Didel encoder, 7 USD each
Motorized slider/fader/knob/rotary/linear potentiometer
ALPS Fader motorized RSAON11M9 touch sensitive 100mm
100mm travel, operation: 4-10 VDC, touch sensitivie, 10 Kohms track, other length/configuration, can be found on eBay from user FamilyGate, 20-35 USD each
Sparkfun - Slide Pot Motorized (10k Linear Taper)
100mm travel, operation: 6-11 VDC, touch sensitivie, 10K track, 20 USD each
ALPS Motorized Potentiometer RK16812MGA1H
10K or 100K, other length/configuration, 4-6V operation, 12±3 sec/300° (4.5V DC), can be found on eBay from user FamilyGate, 14-20 USD each
Immersion TouchSense PR-1000 Force Feedback (Haptic) Encoder
10K or 100K, other length/configuration, 4-6V operation, 12±3 sec/300° (4.5V DC), controller board could be obtained (in 2010) from, forum post presenting the features, see this page for protocol info, successor product IntuiTek’s PR-1.5 (Jan 2012), ~100 USD each
Vibrotactile motors/actuators
Solarbotics VPM2 Vibrating Disk Motor
closed form factor - small puck, 1G vibration at 12,000rpm from 3V, drawing less than 80mA, many similar items from China at less than 1 USD per unit, 3-4 USD each
Sanyo NRS-2574i SMD Vibra Motor
open form factor, surface-mount vibrating pager motor from Sanyo. 1.3V, 90MA, 9000RPM, 2 USD each
Transducers/voice coil actuators
Tactile Labs Inc. Haptuator
The Haptuator is a high-bandwidth vibrotactile transducer capable of producing up to 3G of acceleration, 14mm, 200 USD each
Surface Transducer - Large
4 ohm nominal impedance and can handle about 1 watt continuous, 20 USD each
Surface Transducer - Small
Surface transducers give you the awesome power to turn almost any surface into a speaker, 8 ohm nominal impedance, max operating voltage: 12 Vpp, frequency response: 300-19000 Hz, 10 USD each
Engineering Acoustics C2 Tactor
The standard C2 Tactor design is centered around a rugged, low profile package with nominal center frequency of 250 Hz. The skin contactor is 0.3“ in diameter and is pre-loaded when the face of the Tactor is placed against the skin. Nominal impedance is 7 ohms, difficult to obtain, company not responding to inquiries, 250 USD each
Samsung DMJBRN1036AH LRA actuator
coin type linear resonator, similar size to vibrotactile coin, peak response at 175 Hz, spec sheet, price unknown
LG Innotek MVMU-A360A1(SEMC) LRA actuator
equivalent to Samsung's DMJBRN1036AH, coin type linear resonator, similar size to vibrotactile coin, peak response at 175 Hz, price unknown
Servo motors
Hitec HS-125MG
slim-wing/thin servo with metal gear, 90 degrees operation, maximum torque 49 oz-in., 35 USD each
Hitec HS-645MG High Torque Servo
standard-size servo with metal gear, high-torque version, 90 degrees operation, maximum torque 133 oz-in., 40 USD each
Linear actuators, worm gear + shaft
Firgelli PQ-12 miniature actuator
Various configurations available. This is their smallest model, Firgelli has larger/stronger models, even a model compatible with Lego NXT platform. Stroke: 20mm, Maximum Force: 9-35N, Voltage: 6V or 12V, Control Options: Limit Switches(-S), Linear Feedback(-P) No-Load Speed: 25-9mm/s , CAD model available, 65 USD each
Shape memory alloy actuators
MigaOne - Linear Shape Memory Alloy Actuator
The MigaOne is a credit-card-sized memory metal actuator, with 0.325” of stroke, and three output force options. Weighing less than ½-ounce (12.8 grams), the wafer-thin MigaOne is the world’s thinnest actuator, standing barely a millimeter off the PCB surface. Actuation time is ~1.0 second at 5.8V, and ~0.1 second at 18V, 40 USD each
Motor controllers (basic/cheap ones, robotics and engineering models are usually 100$+)
Adafruit Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino
can control 4 DC motors + 2 servos + 2 unipolar or bipolar stepper motors, contains 4 L293D H-bridges, 0.6A max per channel, 4.5VDC to 36VDC motor voltage, 20 USD each
Sparkfun Ardumoto - Arduino Motor Driver Shield
can control 2 DC motors with direction and speed (PWM), using L298 H-bridge, 2amps max per channel, 25 USD each
Motor Driver 1A Dual TB6612FNG
can control 2 DC motors with direction and speed (PWM), using TB6612FNG chip, 1.2A max per channel, 2.7-5.5VDC logic supply voltage, max 15VDC motor voltage, 9 USD each
EasyDriver Stepper Motor Driver
can control 1 bi-polar stepper motor, 1.2A max per channel, 3.3-5.5VDC logic voltage, 7-30VDC motor voltage, 15 USD each
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