HAID 2010 in Copenhagen, with notes

2010 September 17

I’m in the Danish capital for a short trip to the Haptic Audio Interaction Design 2010 workshop. The event brings together 60-70 people from the various fields to exchange and discuss on Haptics, multimodality, sonification and much more.

The Posters and Demos proceedings are available online and as a PDF


My notes after the break

HAID 2010
September 16, Copenhagen, Danemark

Vincent Hayward, UPMC Paris (France), keynote
New Approaches in Haptic Interface Design

Actual tendency of Haptic = force feedback (phantom). It’s way more than this!
Current knowledge, haptic has no clear distinction between cutaneous and kinesthesia

Fingertips, extremely well compliant and capable organ, can sustain and sense 4-5 order of magnitude in stimulation

Feet and Hands are very similar in capacity. One is for locomotion, the other for manipulation

Surface area stretches when in contact with an object. Stable and minimal surface at rest. We use this stretch information for recognize shapes and roughness.

grab/contact surface varies 1-10 cm^2

Touch sense: low-frequencies => shape and size, high-frequencies -> roughness

Embossing visual imagery is useless for blind users, that is not meaningful to them

Display technology is lagging behind, holding much of the development.

Morpheotron, evaluate shape perfection with angle of contact, position-elevation, or both
0 order: position-eleveation cue
1 order: slope orientation cue
2 order: both combined

Hayward, Sato, Wijntjes, Kappers => Quantitative studies + model on shape perception. It aligns with all previous works. See slide with graph, threshold vs scale.

for shape perception, it is totally wrong to do it with a phantom-like device, way too small working space < 30cm. ------------------------------------ Davide Rocchesso, Sonic Interaction Design, Venice (Italy), keynote prosaic manipulation.The objecthood of everyday things Articulation of Interaction Esthetics: pliability, rhythm, drama, fluency Lederman-Klatzky, 1990, exploration of objects, fundamental gestures => haptic gestalt…
Analysis and imitation of sonic interactions
http://sonic.wikispaces.com/Describing, check fire sound faking

Mark in the Bathroom/Anny in the Kitchen, reinterpretation: text -> soundtrack -> acting. With/from Stephen Barrass

Basic Design in Sonic Interaction Design http://www.soundobject.org/BasicSID/basicSID

The Sound Design Toolkit
Sketching of Sonification examples, for non-audio specialists and designers
software work from Stefano Delle Monache

Impact and friction, were are ok, fluid and other dynamic behaviors still challenging

Soren Bech, director of research at Bang & Olufsen, keynote
Quantification of user’s experience of mechanical switches

Research question: is it possible to replace/supplement the haptic feedback with auditory feedback in operation of switches?

haptic perception equivalent to NASA’s space suit, cotton glove + 5mm neoprene + hockey glove

psychological: “this switch will not last long”
physical: “metal sound”

Deadline Dec 1st 2010, IEEE transactions…. Haptics in Consumer Electronics edition contact danny.grant at immersion.com

The Phantom vs the Falcon, check the paper

Francesco Ferrise, Politecnico Di Milano
Virtual Prototypes and Multimodality

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