Resources for various courses I’m teaching at the Umeå Institute of Design

Introduction to Prototyping for Interaction Design:

An introduction to programming, electronics and IxD prototyping in general. How do your bring your ideas to life? Discovering how stuff works is exciting and intellectually stimulating. Students learn and discover technical tools, but they also they get introduced to critical thinking (why build prototypes) and the important role of documentation for/in IxD.

Most of weekly classes taught so far are available on the IxD wiki.

Experience Prototyping:

Since 2007, I have been organizing and partly teaching this 5 week course for second-year MA IxD Students. This course is about Tangible Interaction, Prototyping Tools and Attitude, Programming Interactivity, using Non-Tech and Low-Tech for the IxD design process.

You can find all the resources for this course on the IxD wiki.