This is the online repository and notebook of bits and pieces related to my PhD in Industrial Design at Umeå Institute of Design in northern Sweden. My PhD topic is related strongly to the Interaction Design, Haptics, Sketching in Hardware and Prototyping. My work-in-progress description currently is:

Simple haptics: sketching tools for haptic Interaction Design

Designing haptic interfaces is absolutely not trivial. It typically requires knowledge in psychophysics, interaction design and engineering. Despite an already established research field designers are generally unfamiliar with the haptic domain. My PhD project aims at exploring how designers can best embrace and design for that modality. My research inquiries investigate new tools, approaches and building blocks to sketch, understand, explore, experiment quickly and develop a design sensitivity to haptics.

I started my doctoral studies in the Fall of 2007 and plan to graduate in 2012. My advisors are Daniel Fällman (Interactive Institute Umeå) and Bill Buxton (Microsoft Research).

You can read more about me and view the list of recent publications on my university page.

About this blog

I plan to use this online platform to collect, track, organize and publish my study activities and thoughs related to my PhD.

I do not directly intent to make the content presented here directly useful for external visitors. I mainly do this for myself, but if someone out there finds it interesting and valuable, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you feel like it. I’m always interested in discussing ideas and collaborating on various projects, related or not to my PhD topic.

camille.moussette [at] dh.umu.se