Article published in ACM’s interactions magazine

2011 March 5

My supervisor Daniel Fallman and I wrote an article last Fall on Sketching with Stop Motion Animation. It is now published in the latest issue of interaction, the IxD magazine from ACM.

We wrote this article to convey the idea that stop motion animation is not only a great presentation style or technique, but also a great sketching process that we feel especially relevant to Interaction Design activities. It imposes you to really think about what you are doing while you are doing it. Sure, the better you plan your work and clarify your vision, the better you are off while in production mode. But approaching Stop Motion Animation like sketching with the world physical and made-up worlds opens up many other ways to evolve IxD work. You can fake movement, remix and scale time, depict interfaces mixing humans and bits in various styles and quality levels, the possibilities are pretty much endless.

Anyway, if you are interested, you can read the article online or download the March/April 2011 issue in PDF format. The article is titled Sketching with Stop Motion Animation and can be found on page 57.

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