Bits and pieces of March 2011

2011 March 21

McSig, writing with feeling
Stephen Brewster from Glasgow University, article
Haptic system based on Omni Phantom to help blind or visually impaired children to learn how to write clearly and consistently. The system is “allowing the student to feel the movements and learn the letter shapes.”

Meet Microsoft’s guru of ‘design matters’
The Seattle Times, link
A profile piece for Bill Buxton from MSR and his push for design at Microsoft. Funny that this picture was taken just outside my office space!

What Products Use Haptics?
Immersion, link
A list of products using haptics from Immersion. This is quite a narrow list, but nevertheless it presents well the large spectrum of devices and systems where haptics is valuable. Also, Immersion’s MOTIV platform is now available for Android. This quick review covers the important points (I think).

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