Bits and pieces of August 2011, more

2011 August 27

Braun Lectron System, link, from MOMA exhibition Talk to Me.
Dieter Rams and Jurgen Greubel designed the Braun Lectron System (1967- 69) as a teaching tool for use in schools and universities. It is made up of a large range of little bricks, like dominoes, that magnetically connect to one another. Once the blocks are organized on a conductive plate, they can form a variety of functional circuits. See this link for an expanded text on the Lectron kits. Thanks Stoffel for sharing this from your notes.

Why design is key in haptics innovation, link
“importance of design–and design-thinking–in haptics and other areas of engineering”. Katherine J. Kuchenbecker is heading the Haptics Group at University of Pennsylvania. Nice projects and course MEAM 625: Haptic Interfaces.

CRAVE duet, link
A vibrator for women that is portable, compact and elegant. Nice product design prototypes involving haptics. Thanks Nadine for the link!

Haptic computer interface, link
Scientific American’s Patent Watch. Interesting to see haptics reaching general interest. Thanks Lorenzo for the link.

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Tacit: Sonar for the blind, link

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