Designing Haptics Studio at TEI 2012

2011 November 15

Yippi, my Studio proposal for TEI 2012 has been accepted! I will be running this day long workshop with Stoffel Kuenen, PhD student at UID, and Ali Israr from Disney Research. The Studio program is pretty exciting this year, it’s great to be part of it. Here is the abstract for our Studio:

This studio proposes to tangibly explore the world of haptics to develop a greater understanding and sensitivity to this emerging field. The first part of the studio focuses on general knowledge about haptics, haptic and multimodal perception in humans, and key advances in actuator and sensor technologies to develop haptic interfaces. Numerous demos and testing platforms will be available to relate discussions with real haptic sensations. The second part of the studio aims to explore the various challenges and difficulties in designing haptic interfaces by directly building and sketching in hardware haptic interfaces. Participants will be invited to build their own haptic interfaces from various actuators, sensors and other building blocks. The studio aims to bridge the fields of haptics and design, and investigate various prototyping tools and approaches that can best support haptic design activities.

The Studio is limited to 20 participants and is free for all attendees, so register quick :-)

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